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Welcome to Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada.

Established in Canada in 2010, SMFC is a non-profit organization whose vision and purpose is to enrich the community through pluralism and civic engagement. SMFC believes that a healthier and deeper relationship with our neighbours will lead to a benevolent influence in community building and hence endeavours to act as a community catalyst to bring change in our collective condition. SMFC thus looks beyond ethnocentric borders and outmoded concepts founded on ‘traditionalism’ and ‘absolutism’ and seeks to enrich the community through an integrative and holistic approach to life whose core values emphasize respect, justice, compassion, cooperation, consultation and understanding in this conflicted and fragmented world. Thus the mission of SMFC is to enhance the collective life of the community in its larger context by harnessing and leveraging its resources to do so.

Through its multi pronged development dimensions, Education & Youth; Social and outreach; Global & Political and Media and events, SMFC stands as a catalyst designed to reform, refine and enrich communities to live and prosper productively in a harmonious environment that will contribute to the well being of all.

We encourage everyone to join this journey of enrichment and contribute by registering with SMFC and being part of a “integrative community catalyst”.