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Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada (SMFCA) is a registered, non-profit, non- partisan and non- sectarian organization in the province of Ontario Canada; whose purpose and vision is to transform and enrich communities by acting as a catalyst in engendering change for the better..


  • The SMFC specifically promotes:
  • Civic engagement and outreach with other communities.
  • Elevate the quality of leadership and youth empowerment within the community.
  • Build and sustain global links and partnerships with likeminded organizations.
  • Education both secular and religious that is relevant to the present context
  • Engage in and promote benevolent activities that benefit the community and others in Canada and Sri Lanka.
  • Encourage and promote thecultivation of a mindset that embraces pluralism and resonates with a knowledge paradigm that is contextual and relevant
  • Promote events and media awareness that contribute towards the enrichment of the social and spiritual fabric of the community.


A. G. A. Barrie.

Ifthikar Hassen.

Ziard Deen.

Nizam Hassim.


SMFC founded in 2012, echoes the values of its Sri Lankan affiliate Sailan Muslim Foundation founded in 2001 in serving the community as a focal point of unity and providing a forum for enriching the community and working towards its development. As an organization that strives to elevate the position and status of the community through its development and dynamism, Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada adapted an operational model that endeavored to work through an associative framework of different Sri Lankan Muslim Organizations based in Ontario, even though the original intention was to work with selected individuals from the community.  However, recent events of a more structural and internal nature  have shown that such a framework cannot function effectively when it comes to matters of overarching responsibilities and objectives due to the disparate nature of the different organizations  and the attendant cultural traits that prevail in each of them.

Therefore in the best interest of SMFC, the Board of Trustees took over the administration in accordance with clause lll.1.(a) 16. of the SMFC constitution to preserve its operational independence and objectives in April 2018.Through its principles of pluralism and values anchored in justice, tolerance, understanding, cooperation and enlightened thinking SMFC provides a forum and an organization for the enrichment of minority communities.

SMFC has undertaken, launched and promoted the following activities/projects.

  • Islamic History Month Canada annual event.
  • Youth scholarship and empowermentprograms
  • Global alliance with similar organizations to form a co-operative  platform.
  • Co-ordinating assistance in charitable  projects.
  • Engage in Provincial and Federal political activism in order to benefit the community
  • Sponsoring Refugee settlement in Canada

In addition to the above SMFC has highlighted the concerns of social injustice in every sphere and engaged in activities designed to counteract Islamophobia and bring about the empowerment of the Sri Lankan Muslim community in Canada.