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Is Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada a politically motivated organization? And whom do they represent?

Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada (SMFC) is an independent, non-political, non-partisan and non-profit organization formed in association with the other Sri Lankan Muslim Organizations in the Greater Toronto Area.. The driving purpose of SMFC is to present a unified voice for Sri Lankan Muslims living in Canada and to play the role of a community catalyst in harnessing the resources and unleashing the potential of the community. SMFC recognizes that unity is not conformity but lies in managing and channeling differences towards a focused greater objective.

SMFC’s vision and mission capture the essence of its objectives which are implemented through its functional and executive divisions- Global & Political, Religious & Social, Youth & Education and Media & Public Affairs. These executive functions carry out various programs and initiatives designed to achieve their objectives which in turn are aimed at fulfilling the larger mission of SMFC.

On a grander scale the vision of SMFC is to be part of a global network of like minded organizations that motivate and inspire communities to harness their resources and unleash their potential to create a synergistic force that stands for the spiritual and material wellbeing of both Sri Lankan Muslims and other communities to live in a spirit of pluralism, diversity and inclusiveness.

About Sailan Muslim

  1. Introduction
    First known Sri Lankan Muslims  migrated to Canada in the nineteen sixties and made Canada  their new home. Since then the number of muslim immigrants of Sri Lankan origin to Canada were on the rise and now number around 10,000. With increasing number of immigrants many associations were  formed to provide social and religious direction and a sense of identity but were lacking a unified voice. This was highlighted when Mr. Faisz Musthapha (President’s Counsel) visited Toronto in 2012. He stressed the importance of a common organization  which will bring all the Sri Lankan Muslim associations together  to present a unified front.

Subsequently, the Muslim Organizations in Toronto were invited for a meeting and were requested to unite under a common platform and create a unified voice of Sri Lankan Muslims in Canada. The idea was accepted by all the current muslim associations at that time. Thus the Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada was inaugurated on 22nd June 2012.

  1. Alliance of all Muslim organizations
    The following associations, whole heartedly, gave their blessings in forming the Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada.
    CSMA – Canada Sri Lanka Muslim Association
    SLIFO – Sri Lanka Islamic Foundation of Ontario
    QHSC – Quran and Hadeeth Society of Canada
    TAQWA – Masjid Taqwa
    ZACOBA – Zahira College Old Boys Association of Canada
    SLAMAT – Sri Lanka Malay Association

The extract from the minutes of the inaugural meeting is recalled here:

Also following the pledge made at last informal meeting, we obtained the reconfirmation and allegiance of all presents to forge ahead in forming the association and officially announced the inauguration of Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada.
Allahu Akbar.

Inaugural Meeting Minutes

  1. Vision & Mission SMF of Canada
  • Vision – To create and provide a unified forum for the Sri Lankan muslim community in Canada to achieve excellence in all areas of development and build bridges both within and with other communities in the spirit of pluralism, diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Mission – To provide and implement projects and programs in identified areas of community needs by harnessing and developing the resources of the community locally and globally as a “community catalyst” in order to achieve our vision.
  • Motto – ” harnessing the resources and unleashing the potential of communities”
  1. Strategic Framework