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Following are images from the Sailain Muslim Foundation of Canada innaugral event in celebrating this historic month. Event was held at Masjid Al Jannah in October 2013. Imaam Yusuf Badaat delivered the keynote speech and the welcome address was given by the president of Sailan muslim Canada Foundation Br. Ifthikar Hassen.The event concluded with a dinner comprising of home made dishes brought in by members of the SMFC committee served to over 150 guests in attendance.

Islamic History Month Canada (IHMC) was launched on October 25, 2007, with a motion in Parliament by the Honourable Mauril Belanger and October was proclaimed as the Islamic History month in Canada.

IHMC is dedicated to celebrating and sharing the rich heritage of Muslim contributions globally and in Canada. IHMC was established and sustained by the Canadian Islamic Congress [CIC] from 2007 to 2012. We thank CIC for their past commitment to the IHMC and in particular our sincere appreciation to Ms. Wahida Valiante for her diligent efforts and achievements as Chair of the IHMC.

We are pleased to announce that IHMC with its long list of achievements is now an independent body as of August 2013. We are furthermore pleased to announce that Shahina Siddiqui, author, freelance writer, spiritual counselor, educator and social activist, is the new Chair of the IHMC.
The Objective of IHMC is to celebrate, inform, educate and share with fellow Canadians the Muslim cultural heritage and Canadian Muslim contributions to Canada and the contributions made by the Islamic civilization throughout its history; to sciences, humanities, medicines, astronomy, and other disciplines that have contributed positively to human progress. IHMC believes that it is through education and sharing positive stories that we can build a more inclusive and gentle multicultural Canada.

The youth of today are growing and will be working in a global community that is shrinking and is connected more readily than ever before. In order to compete and succeed within this global reality, our youth needs to be knowledgeable about the historical contributions, cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of their world. Please note that we are working towards bringing Muslim Heritage 1001 to Canada in the future as part of IHMC celebration.
For themes and ideas you can implement in your city and province please email us or join our Facebook page and share your ideas. For example, communities and organizations can hold a screening, organize a book fair or an art exhibit, plan a lecture or host a multicultural social gathering — the possibilities are endless. If you need ideas and resources, please contact IHMC and we’ll be happy to help you develop your ideas. For more information please email [email protected]

We encourage all provinces and territories to organize events to celebrate IHMC this October and share with us your plans. Let us together make IHMC a truly Canadian event.

Board of Directors
Islamic History Month Canada
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