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Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada (SMFC) stands in solidarity with French people and condemns Paris terror attack.

Another all too familiar mindless and inhumane act of terror that defiles and violates every decent human principle and tenets of all faiths. These are actions of the most cowardly and beastly of the human race and those whose minds are manipulated and twisted by hatred and delusion. Not by any religious belief or principle of faith. We condemn not only this attack in Paris but all such acts of violence carried out against innocent people around the world.

Whilst condemning this horrific and senseless act of terror our prayers and sympathies go out to those who lost their lives and their families and loved ones who have to grapple with this meaningless loss of human connection. We pray that the injured and the witnesses to this heinous crime heal and recover and are blessed with patience and courage to stand up to face life again.

At this point in time let all peace loving beings, groups, organizations, communities and nations stand united in the face of terror and be ever vigilant to what is happening around us as we are living through one of the darkest passages of human history where lives don’t have any value in the eyes of one of the most evil and bestial ideologies to walk on this earth whilst masquerading under the guise of an Islamic state. Whom do they fool? Are they deaf, dumb and blind to not see the folly of their ways?

We also call upon Islamic countries especially in the region from where this terror apparently manifests to be more proactive in eliminating this scourge from the face of the earth so that all beings can do what the true purpose of Islam and all faiths require, to show compassion, preserve human lives and dignity, do good deeds and submit to the will of an all merciful and beneficent God.

SMFC is an organization that represents all the Sri Lankan Muslim associations and mosques in the GTA and forms a united forum for the voice of Sri Lankan Muslims.

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