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PRESS RELEASE – Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada Strongly Condemn Terrorism Against Christians in Sri Lanka

Attacks on Churches in Sri Lanka

 Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada

 Strongly Condemn Terrorism Against Christians in Sri Lanka

Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada (SMFC) )strongly condemn today’s terrorist attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka which have killed more than 207 innocent people and wounded more than 500.  This inhumane and cowardly act against innocent worshipers  is crime against all of humanity.The indiscriminate carnage at the hotels is a more twisted act of barbaric intent that can be done only by those devoid of any human decency or conscience.

We join all around the world in condemning this atrocity and stand in solidarity and express our profound sadness at  this act of terror. And We pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded and the healing of those affected by this tragedy. SMFC strongly demands that the perpetrators of this crime are brought to justice and their ability to ever do this again is extinguished with a sense of urgency. We bow our heads in humble empathy with our Christian brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka and the innocent people who visit Sri Lanka to experience its hospitality.

We once again implore the GOSL to leave no stone unturned in ferreting out the terrorists and their links and affiliations and cleanse our land of this demonic scourge that shows no respect for human life…

 A.G.A Barrie. P.Eng.

Chairman.Board of Trustees.


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