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13 May 2019, Toronto,Canada:

The Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada (SMFC) is alarmed by the increased spate of communal violence against the Muslim community since the Easter Sunday attacks of 21 April 2019. Recent and ongoing incidents in Negombo, Chilaw, Kurunagala, Kuliyapitiya, Hettipola, Dummalasuriya, Rasnayakapura, Kobeigane, Bingiriya among others indicate that Muslim homes, businesses and places of worship are being attacked by violent individuals and groups, with incidents reported during curfew hours. This violence is encouraged by the viral circulation of video clips and posts inciting violence against the Muslim community.

SMFC is also concerned about reports indicating inaction and/or delays in response to this violence by the security authorities, an unfortunate trend which has repeatedly been witnessed in the past. SMFC urges the authorities to take immediate proactive action to bring the security situation under control and to prevent the violence from spreading.

We appeal to the government of Sri Lanka to address this unacceptable situation immediately and take necessary action against security officials Inability  or unwillingness to prevent the spread of violence and to take steps to remove such officials as provided by the law. Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country where all citizens are equal before the law. Our political leaders must ensure we respect our diversity and ensure that all steps are taken to prevent the spread of violence, and promote peace and coexistence within communities.

Capt. A.G.A. Barrie; SLE. P.Eng.

Chairman. Board of Trustees.

Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada. 

PO Box 66094.Town Centre, Pickering. ON. L1V 6P7. Canada.
[email protected].

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