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SMFC Inaugural Multi-Community Eid Celebration Dinner – 13th of July 2018.

The SMFC is honoured to host this event . This event is a memorable one as it represents a true Sri Lankan inter community ,inter faith gathering or a cross section of our true diversity.  We fervently hope that this is the beginning of a new wave of cross community fellowship gatherings celebrating our various festivals and elevating the engagement and understanding among the Sri Lankan diaspora here in Canada in a true spirit of pluralism.

 Pluralism is also the cornerstone of SMFC`s vision as we strive as an organization to enrich our community, shed dogma and bigotry and value the role of human connection and engagement . We are a community organization whose  values are rooted in Islam, we are non-partisan and non sectarian and endeavour to work at all levels to promote goodwill, benevolence that benefits not only those within the community but all of humanity.  We believe that by knowing  and recognizing each other both as individuals and communities through understanding and compassion we can move to an enlightened state in this conflicted and fragmented world we live in. SMFC is taking small but firm steps towards this as we are a nascent organization and God willing will mature in the fullness of time.



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  1. Jazakallah for the wonderful event. Special thanks to uncle Ziard and the trustees of SMF. It was a nice event highlighted by diversity and inclusiveness. Musleh Khan’s speech was spot on! The food was great. Wishing the team SMF all the best so that they can continue with the new chapter.