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World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims (WFSLM) Inauguration and Conference 2019

World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims (WFSLM) Inauguration and Conference 2019.LONDON – UK (18th & 19th October 2019).

Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada is proud and honoured to be a partner in the inauguration of the World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims (WFSLM) that was launched at the global conference for Sri Lankan Muslims held in London U.K on the 18th and 19th of October under the auspices of the Council of Sri Lankan Muslim Organizations( COSMOS). The related press release on the event is given below.

PRESS RELEASE17th October 2019.
World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims (WFSLM) Inauguration and Conference 2019.LONDON – UK (18th & 19th October 2019).

Recognising the need to support Sri Lanka, and in particular the Sri Lankan Muslim community wide in strengthening peaceful coexistence and inter communal harmony, an initiative was started in 2014 in the aftermath of Aluthgama (Sri Lanka) incident by partners in Canada Mr.AGA. Barrie (Sailan Muslim Foundation- Canada) and Mr. Rizwan Wahab Past President of Cosmos UK – 2014/15 initiated the formation of World Forum at a meeting held in Colombo, Sri Lanka and subsequently widely discussed in many countries in the World,where Sri Lankan Muslims resides before the final blueprint approved.

Cosmos UK is very honoured in hosting the Inauguration and Conference of The World Forum 2019 as part of Cosmos UK social responsibility, towards fulfilment of a major obligation to act for the benefit of the society at large, with a special focus on promoting peaceful coexistence in Sri Lanka, particularly in the context of many challenges and developments in the Post- war phase. Social Harmony and inter community coexistence is fundamental for long term, sustainable peace in a country. Yet for a long time, Sri Lanka has suffered from what Sen (2006) has called ‘plural mono-culturalism’, where there has been side-by-side existence of a diversity of discrete communities with very few meaningful interactions between them.

The objective of the World Forum is to provide our combined resources to strengthen the global voice of Overseas Sri Lankan Muslims and to coordinate efforts in support of peaceful coexistence in Sri Lanka as well as ensuring positive contributions of Overseas Sri Lankan Muslims in countries of residence. Now the Forum has expanded to North America, Malaysia,Middle East and Australia attracting a diverse range of individuals and organisations.

This World Conference has been aptly themed upon and proposes to explore and focus on
the role of the Diaspora in supporting and facilitating the process of achieving sustainable development through peaceful co-existence and inter-communal understanding in Sri Lanka.The inauguration ceremony of this Conference will be held on Friday 18th October at 6.00 the Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre in Harrow, presided over by Mr Liyas Wahid,COSMOS UK President and hosted by Mr. Rizwan Wahab , the chair of the WF Organization committee. Hundreds of peace activists and intellectuals of all communities and our partners of World Forum participants from United states, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Switzerland,EU, Norway, Middle East and Sri Lanka are expected to attend this inaugural event and the well organised World Forum Conference on 18th and 19th October 2019.

Among the participants who will grace this important and memorable occasion will be H.E.Manisha Gunasekera, the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in UK, Hon. Bob Blackman, MP and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for COSMOS UK, and supported and Congratulatory Messages sent by by Rt.Hon. Baroness Warsi, Lord Ahamed, Hon. Tilak Marapana Minister of Foreign Affairs Sri Lanka and Muslim Council of Britain and many other prominent leaders of our community.

The Thematic World Conference which follows on the 19th will be held at Marriott Hotel – London Regents Park, attended by invited intellectuals and activists from UK and around the World, who will sit through five plenary sessions led by well -known and world renowned speakers and leading intellectuals specialised in their-respective areas of discussion.The sessions in the conference will be themed upon areas of relevance such as the Islamic
World View and the Role of Muslims as Minority Communities, Promoting Peaceful Coexistence, Contextualisation of Islamic Understanding – Sri Lankan Approach, Peace and Sustainable Development in the Sri Lankan Context, and Standard of Education in Muslim
Schools and Role of Diaspora, culminating in a strategising session. The panel of speakers and session leaders has been drawn from the UK,USA,Canada,Malaysia, South East Asia and Sri Lanka who will share their wide experiences and expertise with the participants.Mr Shakeer Nawas – General Secretary of Cosmos UK will propose the vote of thanks.

World Forum proposes to work with and liaise with the teams involved in operationalizing the strategies, as well as with inter- community Diaspora groups in UK and Worldwide as well as civil organizations in Sri Lanka, both short and medium term, to support and help the process of achieving sustainable peaceful co-existence, which is the bedrock for sustainable development in Sri Lanka.

The Conference 2019 in the United Kingdom is the first in the series of Conferences planned World Wide by WFSLM. Cosmos UK is a proud partner of World Forum for Sri Lankan Muslims and will forge ahead in supporting our motherland Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Muslims Worldwide.

Reported by: M Shakeer Nawas
General Secretary – COSMOS UK. Email:[email protected].Tel: 447900958876.

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